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Pedigree of Cajuns Leo Sass
TypeQuarter Horse
Coat ColorGold Champagne
Reg. No.QH2004-0251 (ICHR)
Reg. No. (Alt)4503891 (AQHA)
BreederKeith & Bonny Kirby
OwnerKeith & Bonny Kirby
Cajuns Cayenne Kid
Coat Color: Gold Champagne
Reg.: QH1993-0100 (ICHR)
Reg. (Alt): 3241341 (AQHA)
Ronks Kid
Coat Color: Gold Champagne
Reg.: 2944351 (AQHA)
Ronks Dream
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 1825957 (AQHA)
Kid Terry
Coat Color: Bay
Reg.: 0913654 (AQHA)
Dreams of Glory
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 0992940 (AQHA)
Buffalos Candy
Coat Color: Gold Champagne
Reg.: 1774347 (AQHA)
Buffalo Kid
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 0640297 (AQHA)
Blondie Sue Lady
Coat Color: Champagne
Reg.: 0145926 (AQHA)
Only Blonds Intrest
Coat Color: Palomino
Reg.: 2764234 (AQHA)
Intrest Only
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 1276094 (AQHA)
The Invester
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 0586153 (AQHA)
Hiawatha Squaw
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 0339228 (AQHA)
Blond Prescription
Coat Color: Palomino
Reg.: 1944373 (AQHA)
Doc's Prescription
Coat Color: Bay
Reg.: 0951309 (AQHA)
Blond Baley
Coat Color: Palomino
Reg.: 0896262 (AQHA)
Skip the Mount
Coat Color: Black
Reg.: 3688373 (AQHA)
Leos Sassy Brawny
Coat Color: Buckskin
Reg.: 3220254 (AQHA)
Goff Creek Leo
Coat Color: Buckskin
Reg.: 1476140 (AQHA)
Goff Creek Decka
Coat Color: Palomino
Reg.: 1000387 (AQHA)
Merry's Doll
Coat Color: Bay
Reg.: 0611256 (AQHA)
Leos Little Sassy
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 2113884 (AQHA)
War Bond Leo
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 0278587 (AQHA)
Sassy Pay
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 1492883 (AQHA)
Miss Bo Chips
Coat Color: Buckskin
Reg.: 1427503 (AQHA)
Mr Boleo Bar
Coat Color: Bay
Reg.: 0378612 (AQHA)
Flying Bar
Coat Color: Bay
Reg.: 0042313 (AQHA)
Haynes' Chromo
Coat Color: Bay
Reg.: 0038826 (AQHA)
Spanish Surprise
Coat Color: Buckskin
Reg.: 0719391 (AQHA)
Spanish Mount
Coat Color: Sorrel
Reg.: 0042414 (AQHA)
Billie Surprise
Coat Color: Palomino
Reg.: 0071592 (AQHA)

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