Mail-In Membership Application
If you are not paying online,  please USE THIS FORM.  Here is how to use it.  First, fill it in here right here on your computer screen. 
Then, PRINT OUT this form and make any necessary corrections right on the paper. 
Finally, MAIL IT with your CHECK or MONEY ORDER to the address at the bottom of this page. 

Membership is $25 and includes immediate family members.
Thank you!    

International members please read this before sending payment.

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RENEWALS are $20 -- Please check this box if this is NOT for a NEW membership --- if this is a membership RENEWAL. 
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(You must print and mail this form with your check or money order to become a member using this form. 
 If you are paying by PayPal, use THIS FORM.)

Please fill out, print, and mail with check or money order to:
ICHR Membership
PO Box 4430
Paso Robles, CA 93447-4430